What is the difference between refill and no refill ?

In Refill: You will not lose followers in case you lose we will refill it.
In No-Refill: You might loses followers. We are not supposed to refill lost followers. Still in no-refill you will rarely loses data.
Private account order will always considered as No-Refill. And will not verified by system after we fill.

How much time order takes for processing ?

Average processing time of order is 3-5 hours.
Still, you suppose to wait for 24 hours in some cases. We will contact you with reason if not processed in 24 hours.
If order not delivered within 72 hours, system will automatically refund the amount.

What are the order status says ?

Hold: Selected by you while order. So, one of our agent will contact you if seems genuine and guide you.
Failed Request/Hash: Payment unsuccessful(by Payment gateway). If amount deducted from your account our agent will change the order status after verifying.
Success - In Progress: Payment received, and system will start processing order after verifying your data.
Processing: We are working on it. Please wait while order is in processing state. Ideally it will be completed soon.
Partial: Order completed partially, we have refunded the remaining amount based on current rate.
Completed Verified: Order Completed and verified by system.
Completed: Order Completed and verified by agent manually.
Completed Refill: Order Completed but we will continuously refill it. (For refill type order only)
Pending: We will let you know why we made it pending. Usually because of duplicate order detected by system.
Refunded: If order not delivered within 48 hours we will refund the amount.

Can we add duplicate order ?

Duplicate order will be your loss because system record start data at time of order placed.
Lets say you have order 1000 followers and you reorder same before first one complete than both order will have start amount.

What is Cancellation Policy ?

As, this is digital delivery you are not able to cancel order from your side.
But as per our policy if product not delivered within 168 hours order will be cancelled automatically and refunded to your balance.
Except the cases of some services like watch time and google adword views where service takes time to complete.

What is Refund Policy ?

Refund will be made to your social daddy account balance which you can use to order anything again. If you want refund back to your source of payment it will take 5-7 working days to get refund back.